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Booster club fundraising ideas for volleyball teams

Here are some great booster club fundraisers for volleyball teams:

  1. Popcorn sale. (Make it yourself or team up with a fundraiser company that helps school booster clubs hold events.)

  2. Krispy Kreme fundraiser. (People like to eat donuts. Especially Krispy Kreme! Your volleyball team buys the donuts at a discount and sells them for a profit. Just be sure to spread the word. This allows you to get preorders. The other idea is to stand outside of a Sams, Walmart or grocery store, They all have a place you are legally allowed to stand and fundriase. Justr ask the manager,)

  3. Golf tournament: (You can go 9 holes, 18 holes and even mini golf!)

  4. Online donations: (Drive them to your facebook page or team website oage where they can donate.)

  5. T-shirt sales: (Great for any volleyball team,)

  6. Gift-wrap fundraising: (Sell wrapping paper or actually wrap the gifts fr a small donation.)

  7. Sell coupon books: (Go national or make your own loclly with coupons for local businesses,)

  8. Game night. (Pick a game. Advertise it on social media. Serve snacks and drinks. Offer a door prize,)

  9. Scavenger hunt. (Team up with local businesses. For a donation you could have your :scavengers" stop by their place of business to check for clues. The small business gets foot traffic and new potential customers.)

  10. Volleyball car wash: (Have the whole team show up on a saturday afternoon to wash cars for a good cause.)

  11. Letter campaigns: (Geta list of all the businesses in your community. Write a letter asking for sponsorship donations.)

  12. Restaurant night: (Have a party. Collect money and eat good food,)

  13. Spiking contest: (Hold a volleyball spike-a-thon. Get donors to donate for every spike you make during a game.)

  14. Penny drive. (Every penny, nickle and dime counts. Especially after an entire summer vacation! Remember that spare change always adds up.)

Planning your events

The key to success with any game is to work as a team and to plan ahead. Fundraising is no different, Some events like a car wash or yard sale work very well in spring time. Other events like selling gift wrap are perfect for the fall and winter time.

BUT PLEASE don't forget about summer! When you make the most of the season by using creative summer booster club fundraising ideas, this is a terrific time of year to interact with donors. Longer days and nicer weather in the summer provide many possibilities to use summer booster club fundraising ideas, particularly outside. Every booster club makes sure that their teams have everything, from proper uniforms to modernized facilities, thus the need to raise more income has only increased. They frequently require assistance from the neighborhood to raise money.

A great summer booster fundraiser idea is holding a volleyball camp. Teach future volleyball stars how to serve, volley and spike the ball.

Booster club fundraising has grown in popularity as a means of obtaining critical funding for teams within specific departments. Even while fundraising isn't frequently associated with fun, it may be when you're inventive with your tactics. The summer is a terrific opportunity to consider fresh cash streams and rethink outdated concepts that might still be worthwhile.

Booster Fundraisers For School Teams

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